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Caring for a newborn can be the most rewarding job, but it can also be hard on the physical aspect. Often, mothers do not pay attention to the state of their bodies when performing thedaily childcare activities, as the needs of the child are prioritized over those of the caregiver.Lack of sleep, combined with constant repetition of tasks, often in uncomfortable positions, can lead quickly to painful conditions, mainly affecting the hands, neck and back.

Self-care and good ergonomics are essential to maximize efficiency and avoid conditions that are painful musculoskeletal conditions.


Assessment of pain and/or musculoskeletal system of the mother's upper extremity.

Ergonomic Assessment

Supports, adaptations, spaces and gestural re-education of the mother (how to pick up the baby, the different positions for breastfeeding, how to change the diaper...).


Identification of risk factors and possible strategies to minimize the development of classic inflammatory disease.


Evaluation, tailoring and recommendations on braces.


Treatment of mother-related upper limb pathologies (deep transverse massage, lymphatic drainage, strengthening and stretching program).

Consulting or Partnership

On-site and/or theoretical support for all facilities/clinics where there is no certified hand therapist. 

Possibility of partnership or outside consulting for gynecologists and mothers.

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