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Sports Rehab

Sports rehabilitation of the hand and elbow can be used to treat a wide range of sports injuries, including sprains, dislocations, fractures, muscle tears, tendinitis, and ligament injuries.

The rehabilitation process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's injury and general physical condition. An individualized rehabilitation program is developed which may include: stretching exercises, massage, manual therapy, balance and coordination exercises, functional splinting for sports practice and other specialized techniques.

Sports rehabilitation aims to help patients regain muscle function and strength, reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint mobility and flexibility and prevent further injury. In addition, sports rehabilitation helps patients resume sports activities safely and gradually, minimizing the risk of recurrence or further injury.

Functional rehabilitation

Maintenance and improvement of joint excursion in order to recover and maintain mobility, manual dexterity and coordination.

Functional Splinting/Taping

Based on each sporting need to compensate, stabilize or stimulate each joint area and muscles of the fingers, wrist and elbow.


Recovery of strength in fingers, wrist/forearm and arm with the aim of improving sports performance.

Re-entry plan

Tailored planning of the intervention aimed at early return (where possible).

Possible support in training and/or game/competition.


Improvement of balance, coordination, precision and reaction.

Consulting or Partnership

On-site and/or theoretical support for all sports clubs where there isn't a certified hand therapist. 

Possibility of partnership or external support for athletes.

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